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Dr. Laura Beaster-Jones


I am trained as a developmental biologist studying developmental gene regulation, patterning, and the evolution of segmentation in chordates. My current research focuses on pedagogy and student learning, in particular investigating student self-efficacy, values, sense of belonging, and metacognition.



Dr. Marcos Garcia-Ojeda











Dr. Petra Kranzfelder

Kranzfelder UCM headshot.jpeg

I was trained as both an entomologist studying impacts of coastal watershed land use on aquatic insect communities of estuaries in Costa Rica and a discipline-based education researcher studying student-instructor interactions and classroom discourse in active learning classrooms. My current research focuses on how to improve STEM education at the undergraduate level.



Dr. Jennifer Manilay


Over my career, I’ve intentionally sought to expand my knowledge base in diverse research areas related to immunology, hematology, developmental biology and stem cell biology. Since 2012, I have established myself as an investigator of “osteoimmunology,” analyzing the molecular and cellular interactions between the skeletal and immune systems.  In addition to my research, I enjoy teaching and experimenting with modern teaching approaches.  Currently, I am the Program Director of UC Merced’s HHMI Inclusive Excellence in Science Education projects.



Dr. James Zimmerman

Dr Zimmerman.jpeg

I am a nuclear scientist with a long interest in learning and teaching issues. I have led faculty professional development activities at the local, national, and international level. These activities have included the design of assessment protocols for multi-institution projects, SoTL/DBER Teaching Fellowship programs, and the mentoring of university and college faculty team projects designed to improve college learning environments with an emphasis on addressing issues that often discourage women and minorities from pursuing study in the sciences or mathematics.



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